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    Beijing Shuanghui Jingcheng Electronic Product Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is located in Zhongguancun youth entrepreneurship incubator park. The initial establishment of the company is located in the high performance, high-tech integrated water quality determination instrument R & D, production and sales. Company inuniversity with computer hardware and software development, intelligent instrument design, MCU application, design and application of sensor, design, design of NC equipment PCB high technology talents.

Beijing Shuanghui Jingcheng Electronic Product Co. Ltd is a professional development and production of water quality environmental monitoring instruments. At present, it is one of the most domestic manufacturers with technical level and scale strength. 2001 will be the development and production of independent sets of measurement, calculation, colorimetric in one of the water quality determinator to the market. Quickly recognized by the market. It is convenient to change the original digestion device in the market, and a large number of measurement results also need to use the photometer and manual calculation. In 2002 the first in the industry to the 12V power supply mode applied to the water quality measuring instrument. And obtained national patent. COD (chemical oxygen demand) determinator, NH3 determinator, multi parameter water quality analyzer, turbidity color analyzer and aquaculture apparatus, by our company independent development and production of manufacturing products and obtain a number of national patents. Water and wastewater monitoring and analysis method (Fourth Edition), published in 2002, is a kind of B method, which is based on fast closed catalytic digestion (including spectrophotometry). The B method has been proved to be a relatively mature and unified method through the domestic research and laboratory verification. Class a method can be used in environmental monitoring and law enforcement. Our production of COD determinator is the only recommended products. In 2005, we developed the multi parameter measuring instrument of the intellectual property rights in the industry, which will integrate more than 60 kinds of indexes, and greatly reduce the cost of purchasing and using.

   Our company sincerely seek partners to support the use of OEM for the majority of foreign users to provide first-class products. According to the user to provide the shape, color, language, function, to provide customized products in line with user requirements. Welcome to cooperate with our company.

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